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Concord Pediatric Dentistry’s policies include appointment, insurance, and payments that help to make each visit easy and fun for you and your child.



In case of a dental emergency please call our main office number at 603.224.3339 for further instructions on how to either reach our on-call clinic staff member.


How are Appointments Scheduled?

The office attempts to schedule appointments at your convenience and when time is available. Preschool children should be seen in the morning because they are fresher and we can work more slowly with the child for their comfort. School children with a lot of work to be done should be seen in the morning for the same reason. Dental appointments are an excused absence. Missing school can be kept to a minimum when regular dental care is continued.


Please make every effort to keep scheduled appointments.  Once an appointment is scheduled, it is considered confirmed.  If an appointment needs to be rescheduled, a 48 hour notice is appreciated.  There may be a missed appointment charge if 24 hour notice is not given.


Do I Stay with My Child During the Visit?

Our top priority is helping both the children and the parents feel as comfortable as possible during each dental visit. We welcome parents to accompany their child to dental appointments so they can partner with us to promote good oral hygiene and foster confidence in the dental office. We love that every child is unique and since parents know their child best, our goal is to work with families to help achieve a positive and FUN visit while educating and providing excellent dental care.


Insurance & Payment Procedures

Dental care for children is an important part of their total health program. We believe that caring for your child's teeth should not become a financial burden for you. In the event that full payment is not possible at the time services are rendered, we have some payment methods that may assist you.


If you have dental insurance you are aware that these plans vary greatly. We will help you review your benefits. For your convenience, we also accept major credit cards.


Fee & Payment Policy

We request that account balances be cleared within 60 days of service.  You may use your Visa or MasterCard.  Payment arrangements are available

upon special request.


Monthly billing is not a part of our usual routine, and therefore, payment is requested at the time of treatment. If the treatment requires several visits we

will provide you with an estimate. By avoiding monthly billing, we are striving to keep the cost of dental care down. Your consideration in this regard will greatly help. Thank you!



We are happy that you have dental insurance for your child.  Since there are many insurance companies and they all cover at different rates, it is very confusing for the dental office and the parent to know what insurance will actually pay.  To keep things as simple as possible and less confusing, our office policy is to charge the same fee to all patients so it is as fair as possible.


We will accept payment from your insurance company, but insurance usually only pays a portion of the cost.  Since this portion can range from 25% to 100%, we will give you an estimate of your portion based on our experience working with your company.  This means that after your insurance has paid, you may be required to pay an additional payment or you may receive a refund.  We will be glad to send a predetermination upon request; however, dental insurance companies are currently responding in 30-90 days.


Please remember, your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company and that you are ultimately responsible for payment.


We are pleased to offer electronic billing to our families with dental insurance. With your complete subscriber information, we can electronically bill the primary insurance carrier the same day as services are rendered. In order to successfully process a claim, the following information is necessary: the subscriber's name, address, birth date, social security number, employer, and insurance company's name and address.



At the-end of each month both dental and orthodontic statements are sent. Any activity, such as charges and personal or insurance payments, will appear on your statement.  A service charge (late charge) will appear on your statement(s) 60 days from date of service.  Account balances are considered due and payable at this point regardless of pending insurance. In the event of an overpayment on your account, you or the insurance company will receive a refund within 30 days.

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