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Think Spring! Starting your Garden with your Kids

Now that St. Patrick’s day is over and Easter is on its way, we can start thinking about Spring! Let’s just hope the snow melts and there isn’t too much more to come. Gardening is such a fun thing for kids to learn and play with and now is a great time to start some of your seeds indoors. While the snow is still melting kids can start planting their seeds inside and watching them slowly sprout and get ready for outdoor transplant. Here are some ideas to have fun with gardening with your kids!


1.) Choose vegetables and flowers that your kids are excited to grow and eventually eat.

2.) Buy your seeds and get your vessels ready.


3.) Seeds can be planted in a number of different pods from cardboard egg cartons to hollowed K-Cups


4.) Pick up your soil and get planting!

There are a range of dates for when to start planting your seeds. Below is a chart to follow to see which to start now and which to hold off on.


5.) Put your seeds near light and let your kids have fun watering them and watching them grow!

In the summer, when the vegetables are ready to be harvested it is such a fun thing for kids to eat something they made and so healthy for their teeth!


Happy Almost Spring!

Sara Cremeno, RDH and writer at Concord Pediatric Dentistry