Tasty, Kid-Friendly, Fall Treats!

With so many things hidden in the foods we eat, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand what makes for a healthy snack. When you combine this with the picky appetites of our favorite kiddos you have a recipe for parental frustration.

I speak with so many parents that are shocked to learn that foods they assumed to be a healthy choice may not be the best option for keeping teeth healthy and cavity free. Some of the most common cavity causers are acidic beverages in any form. These include the obvious choices like soda, juice and sports drinks, but also include flavored waters and calorie-free flavor additives such as Crystal Lite or Mio.

The best drink choice is plain water or milk. Milk has sugar present in it, but it does not contain the acids in the above mentioned drinks. That being said, it is best to consume it with a meal.

When choosing snacks for your kids try to avoid the simple carbohydrates like chips, pretzels, Goldfish and crackers. These snacks break down into sugar that sits on the teeth. To promote saliva production give kids crunchy vegetables like carrots, peppers with hummus or apples and peanut butter. For a fun spin on snack time, check out the Apple “cookie” recipe below!


photo 1

The options are endless! Choose your favorite toppings, like nuts, cinnamon or raisins.

photo 2

Slice the apples into 1/4″ thick slices.

photo 5

Cut out the center and spread with peanut butter or nut butter. (Be sure to keep in mind how many grams of sugar is in your favorite nut butter.)

photo 1

Let your kids decorate their “cookies.”