Bedtime Routine Chart

Sometimes after a long day of working, running errands and taking care of household needs, the bedtime routine can be exhausting. By adding a bedtime routine chart into your nighttime ritual, you can experience more success with tasks getting completed without an argument.

There are different ways to customize  a bedtime routine chart to suit your needs. Parents with multiple children will want to add different columns for each child to check off their chores as they complete them. At the end of each month, if all chores were completed, parents can choose to do a special activity or have a fun treat to keep things exciting.

To keep things interesting, try mixing up the chores every few weeks to keep the chart fresh and new.

Below is an example of a blog I found on

The post includes a printable chore chart if you don’t want to make your own. Just make sure to add brushing AND flossing as part of the routine as flossing is so often overlooked. If you start adding that in at a young age the habit will be more likely to be carried over to adulthood.

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