DIY ‘Frozen’ Themed Snow Day Slime!

If you haven’t heard yet then I presume you have no access to internet, cable or a radio. In the event that you haven’t heard we are getting a major snowstorm. I’m sure all of your kids will have a snow day tomorrow, which means that if you also have a snow day you might be racking your brain for things to do with them.

This is a super fun project for kids that gets them away from the television, internet and phone for a while.

DIY Frozen themed slime!

You can find most of the ingredients in your cupboard or school supply area. Here’s what I used:


Elmer’s clear glue (you could try white as well)

Blue food coloring


Borax (you could also try powdered soap)


2 mixing bowls, measuring cup and measuring spoons


Add 1C of water to a mixing bowl then add 1tsp of Borax and mix. Set aside.


In the other mixing bowl add 4oz of glue and 1/2C of water and mix. Then add in the glitter and 2-4 drops of food coloring. Mix.



Combine the borax mixture to the other bowl and mix until it becomes slightly stiff then mix with your hands. The more mixing the better. Squeeze out the remaining water and let your kids play!






Let us know if you have any fun snow day plans on Facebook!

Enjoy your snow day!

Sara, RDH at Concord Pediatric Dentistry

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