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Picture Books for Children with Sensory Needs, Anxieties and Special Needs

Melvin's Adventures LogoAs a registered dental hygienist for Concord Pediatric Dentistry, I am constantly researching and looking for helpful things for my patients and their parents. We treat a variety of different children all with different needs and circumstances. One thing I was having a difficult time finding was picture books to help children with sensory processing disorder, anxiety and autism prepare for a dental checkup.

There are plenty of books available about going to the dentist, but none I found to be realistic and helpful for a child with anxieties or special needs.

I am a local children’s books author and I developed a series for children with sensory needs, anxieties, and special circumstances. The books can be a great read for any child, but have a special amount of TLC throughout the story.

Concord Pediatric Dentistry has partnered with me to help present the newest book in the 9780996727068_E_BookMelvin’s Adventures – Sensory Series, “Melvin Goes to the Dentist.” I am so thankful and proud to have gained so much knowledge with this company and to also have my project and passion supported by such a great pediatric dental practice. This title is available the Monday after Thanksgiving, November 30, 2015 online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, or locally at Concord Pediatric Dentistry.

What Makes Melvin Books Different:

Our stories are written in a realistic yet kid-friendly way. This means that after repetitious reading, children can understand what they can expect at the dentist and reduce some of the anxiety they may have.

FullSizeRender-10Parent guides are filtered into each story to help provide the parents with special tips to alleviate some of their stress and uncertainty.  At the end of each book there is a special parent survival guide and parent survival kit to help caregivers remember what to pack for a new experience and what to remember.



New titles are added every other month, with releases scheduled to the end of 2016. We are hopeful that we can portray many of the issues children with sensory issues struggle with to make the experience easier for them in the future.

Our current titles include


Future titles will include:

  • Melvin Has a Cavity
  • Melvin Learns to Eat Right (All about healthy snacks for your teeth and body)
  • Melvin’s Healthy Eats – A kid’s cookbook
  • Melvin Goes on Vacation
  • and so many more

We understand that parent’s have certain events that are more difficult than others. If you have a title you want portrayed in a book, please email me at contact@melvinbooks.com

If you want to hear more about the Melvin’s Adventures – A Sensory Series, including local book signings, events and appearances and new titles, sign up for the mailing list at www.melvinbooks.com

Sara Cremeno,

RDH at CPD and Author of Melvin’s Adventures